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Welcome to the MuseCon store, where you can register to attend MuseCon by purchasing a membership, and register for workshops that have limited space or which include a materials fee.

Early Registration Rates and Benefits for 2015
Good through July 24th

What Amount Details
Attending $40 per person Ages 16 and over
Family Adult $35 per person Ages 16 and over (see "Family Registration" below)
Youth $30 per person Ages 4-15
Kid-in-Tow Free Under 4
Supporting $10 per person May be upgraded at the door (see below)

Early registration rates will end as of Friday midnight, July 24th. As of July 25th, they will be $20 higher.

An Attending membership grants the holder complete access to all MuseCon 2015 non-premium programming, events, and services for all three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday - August 7th, 8th, and 9th) of the convention.

Youth memberships are available only to kids between 4 and 15 years of age.

Kid-in-Tow memberships are free. Kids-in-Tow must be under 4 years of age, and may be in any MuseCon areas, including the Con Suite, only when accompanied by an Attending member. All children attending MuseCon must have either an Attending membership, a Youth membership or a Kid-in-Tow membership.

Supporting memberships are available until Friday midnight 7/24/2015. Supporting memberships may be upgraded to attending memberships for $30/adult, $25/additional adult, or $20/youth at the door.

Family Registration
MuseCon is a family-friendly convention, and offers discounted memberships to members of a family. We define a family as a group of people that live at the same address. Each adult membership, after the first one, is reduced by $5, which is reflected in the additional adult rate.

One copy of all communications from MuseCon will be sent to that address for all family members.

To qualify for the discount, simply register the first adult or account owner using the "Primary Adult Membership" option, then register more Adults, Youths and Kids-in-Tow via the "Additional Adult Memberships", "Youth Membership" and "Kid-in-Tow" options.
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