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Welcome to the MuseCon store, where you can register to attend MuseCon by purchasing a membership, and register for workshops that have limited space or which include a materials fee.

Membership grants the holder complete access to all MuseCon 2017 non-premium programming, events and services for all 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday -August 4, 5 and 6) of the convention.

Youth memberships are available only to kids between 4 and 15 years of age.

Kid-in-Tow memberships are free. Kids-in-Tow must be under 4 years of age, and may be in any MuseCon areas, including the Con Suite, only when accompanied by an attending member. All children attending MuseCon must have either an Attending Membership, a Youth Membership or a Kid-in-Tow membership.

Supporting memberships are available until Saturday night at midnight October 15th, 2016. Supporting memberships may be upgraded to attending memberships at the door.

** Family Registration

MuseCon is a family friendly convention and registration for the whole family can be done at one time. We define a family as a group of people that live at the same address. To do so, you register the 1st adult, or account owner using the "Adult Membership", then register more Adults, Youths and Kid-in-Tows via the "Adult Memberships", "Youth Membership" and "Kid-in-Tow" items.

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Our Gentle Policy On Memberships

Q: What if I brought a membership, but can't use it (schedule conflict, etc) or didn't use it (missed the convention for whatever reason)?

A: Once you purchase a membership, it's yours. There are no refunds. However, you can certainly transfer your membership to another person.

Q: How do I transfer a membership?

A: We just need a note from you. Your name, and the new name. We will, of course, verify the identity of the person presenting the note before transferring the membership.

Have more questions on anything regarding membership? Email registration@musecon.com.


Q: I've forgotten my password, but when I reset it, I do not see the email. What's the best way to proceed?
A: Send an email registration@musecon.com. What can happen is some email providers think the password reset email is a phishing attempt, and block it entirely so it doesn't appear in your spam folder. Or, they delay the mail for several hours. This also affects confirmation emails.

Q: I've not received my email confirmation my membership or classes. How do I know I'm registered or signed up.
A: If you log into your account and it shows the items were purchased, then you're good. If it's listed as purchased, it shows up in our reports. No worries.

Q: There's no way I'm going to remember my account information. Can I just purchase without an account?
A: You do need to set up an account. We have no problem if you use it once, and then create a new one next year.
*Alternatively* you can send us your registration information via US Mail to:
P.O. Box 912
Palatine, IL 60078
Include a check for the appropriate amount, who the membership if for (if omitted, we'll assume the writer of the check, and a badge name).
*Alternatively* we do show up at Capricon, WindyCon, and some Maker events - if you see the name MuseCon or 2DKits, we can always take you membership in person.

Q: I really do not want to give my phone number, address, or email. Can I omit these? A: Yes and no. If you pay by CC, the address must initially match, otherwise we get a warning from the CC company that we should should do additional verification. However, nothing prevents you from immediately changing the address and phone number after submitting payment. If you set your email to a non-existent address, we'll see a bounce of the confirmation email, but they payment will be otherwise processed correctly. Although we *never* provide information to 3rd parties, we completely understand if you wish to take extra steps to protect your privacy. We do not mind at all!

Due to a quirk of our credit card processing agreement, they want us to provide a non PO Box address to write to, and a real phone number to call if you have any questions or issues with a credit card payment. Please use this address only for such communication.

22010 W Washington St
Grayslake, IL 60030

It won't get a hold of us any more effectively than our PO Box or email addresses (see the contact page). Actually, email is often faster, as more than one person receives email sent to registration@musecon.com. But hey, now you have more communication options. :-)

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