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Announcing: MuseCon 1 - Finding Our Muse

A convention in northeastern Illinois celebrating music and the hands-on arts in 2011

Launching August 2011, Chicagoland
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MuseCon is Fast Approaching!!

MuseCon 1 will be held at the Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca, IL the weekend of August 5, 6 and 7th 2011. See the registration and hotel page pages for information about registering or staying at the hotel. Online Registration will end on Sunday (July 31, 2011).

MuseCon's 501c3 status is Official!

The IRS has formally determined MuseCon is an exempt organization under section 501c3. See the About Us page for more information.

New Video from SJ Tucker

SJ Tucker has released a new video. Get a preview of our great guest!


Loren Damewood will be attending MuseCon this year!! Come and see Loren's amazing artwork. Let him show you how to make something you never thought you could do! He will be teaching a course in creating a silver knotwork bracelet.

Betsy Tinney will be attending MuseCon this year!! Betsy is a close associate of our Guest of Honor SJ Tucker. You can find out more about Betsy at She also currently plays with several different other groups and individuals: Tricky Pixie, The Heather Dale Band, Vixy and Tony, Katie Tinney, and Leannan Sidhe

MuseCon will be hosting a "show and tell" session for all members. Please join us!

The programming grid and descriptions are available on this website! See what programming we will be offering during the convention. These are still subject to change.

The new registration system is up and working! You can register to attend MuseCon by purchasing a membership, and register for workshops that have limited space or which include a materials fee.


MuseCon ( is a new convention for artists, musicians, inventors, gadgeteers, makers, tinkerers, and so forth. We have lots of cool things in the works and we would like to invite you to be in on the ground floor. We want you at our convention to participate and help define the future direction MuseCon.

Information about the last MuseCon (MuseCon 0) programming information can be found here.

Dot When, Where and Who

MuseCon 1 will be held at the Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca, IL the weekend of August 5, 6 and 7th 2011. Memership rates can be found on the registration page. Online registration is available now.

More information about the hotel can be found on the hotel page. The hotel has spent a lot of time and effort upgrading the place - we were impressed, and know that you will pleased with the rooms.

Want to put an ad in our program book? See the advertising page for more information.

We have a guest of honor!! Her name is SJ Tucker. Read more about her on the Guest of Honor page.

Dot We Could Use YOUR Help Too

We're always looking for folks to help out with MuseCon in a variety of roles. Including, but not limited to, the actual running of the con, providing advice and programming participants. If you want to join the team preparing for the 2011 convention please contact us. Or, track us down at one of the other conventions and talk to us in person!

If you'd like to be part of MuseCon, have ideas, or just want to learn more about what we're trying to do please contact us.

Feel free to join us in one of our future planning meetings. The scheduled meetins for this year all all done. Check back after the convention for the next set. The schedule will appear on this page when we know what it will be.


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