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Announcing: MuseCon 1 - Finding Our Muse

A convention in northeastern Illinois celebrating music and the hands-on arts in 2011

Launching August 2011, Chicagoland
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Show And Tell Session

MuseCon will be hosting a "show and tell" session for all members. Please join us!

Here are the rules to participate. All members are welcome to participate (within the time limits).

  1. You will have two minutes on stage to show something you have made. Tell a little about the technique, the materials, the artistic choices, or whatever.
  2. Any medium is fair game -- sing a verse of a song you wrote, show off your fiber or metal or wood creation, display a work of art, wear your costuming work, etc.
  3. Entries must be your own work. Items made from kits or published patterns are fine, but the execution must be yours.
  4. This is an all-ages program. Anything that would earn an R or NC-17 rating, this is not the forum for it.
  5. No demonstrations that would require cleanup afterwards or a permit from the fire department beforehand.
  6. Two minutes. Really. One hundred and twenty seconds or less. Do a test run to make sure that what you want to say fits.
  7. Many of the arts show to better advantage close up. To that end, you may submit up to 5 digital photographs of your work to be projected behind you while you speak. Email files (jpg, png, or gif; maximum 5Mb each) to Zelda.Stoa AT gmail DOT com ahead of time or bring a USB drive to the event. No copies will be retained after the con-- drives will be returned on the spot and files deleted at the close of the con.
  8. The con staff reserves the right to decline any participant or photograph.
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