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Hall of Vendors

MuseCon will designate a block of hotel rooms for those wishing to sell merchandise during the convention. These rooms will be located near our Hospitality Suite. If you are interested in selling during the convention, please read the information below.

Information for Potential Dealers

MuseCon is a convention for artists, musicians, inventors, gadgeteers, makers, tinkerers, celebrating creativity in all forms. We are planning both classes and hands-on workshops on a myriad of topics. MuseCon 2 will be held the weekend of August 3rd through 5th, 2012 at the Westin Chicago Northwest hotel in Itasca, Illinois. We are expecting approximately 400 attendees.

For 2012 we will be working with a Vendor Hall setup. Vendors will be selling out of hotel rooms, which you reserve and pay for. There is no additional vendor fee, but only vendors who preregister with us will be located in the Vendor's Hall and be allowed to sell.

Vendors will be located on the 12th floor, in rooms near the Hospitality Suite. We understand that moving in and out using the elevators is sub-optimal, but we were not able to obtain additional ground-floor function space.

Check-in time is 3:00 pm, late check-out is 3:00 pm. The hotel cannot guarantee early check-in on Friday for vendors, although if Vendor's Hall rooms are available early check-in will be allowed. If you cannot be set up by 7:00 pm Friday or out of the room by 3:00 pm Sunday, please reserve your room for Thursday and/or Sunday nights.

Vendors may join together to share rooms. We will keep a list of vendors interested in room-share partners, but will not be responsible for making or enforcing arrangements.

All vendors and any assistants must have memberships. Vendors may purchase additional memberships at the pre-registration rate. The name and address shown on the Application will be used for all memberships unless you indicate otherwise.

Last year's vendor Hall policies are detailed in the 2011 Vendor Contract. The contract for 2012 will probably be very similar. All vendors must have a signed copy on file with the Vendor Coordinator. There will be no sales permitted outside of the Vendor's Hall. Merchandise should be related to music, tinkering, fiber arts, and other creative endeavors. We'd especially like to have suppliers of those hard-to-find items our members need for their obsessions.

Please remember to complete the description of your merchandise. This will be used in the Vendor Hall section of the program book. We will also be posting a list of confirmed vendors, merchandise descriptions, and links on our web site.

Please provide pictures of your typical setup and merchandise, so we can try not to group vendors with similar merchandise. We will be happy to accept electronic copies.

Submitting a vendor application:

Watch this space for the 2012 policies and application

Send ALL vendor correspondence to: or
PO Box 912
Palatine, IL 60078

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