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Below is our MuseCon 4 programming schedule. Reminder: sessions are subject to change if volunteers regretfully cancel.

Programming at MuseCon runs from Friday at 1:30pm until 4:15pm Sunday.

A special note to people with allergies: As a small, volunteer-run convention, we do not have a lot of space. This means that all of our classes and events occur in the same shared places during the convention. If you are allergic to a particular substance please be aware that MuseCon cannot insure that you won't be exposed to that substance during the convention. We ask that you carefully read the descriptions for the classes you are interesting in attending. If you are allergic to wool, for example, please do not sign up for a class to create a object made with wool components! Additionally, if your sensitivity is particularly strong, we recommend that you check the schedule for the rooms that your sessions will be in to see if something occurring prior could leave traces that could lead to problematic exposure.

Navigation Notes: These are hosted by Google Calendar, so you can copy items to your personal calendar(s). You can click on an item to see more details about that class. Classes that require registration will show a link to the registration page. Each room is shown in a different color. You can choose to display or hide each room by using the little triangle control in the upper right corner of each day.

Various areas of intrest:

Agenda View of Programing

Remember -- this is a long list -- you will have to scroll to see the entire list

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Calendar View of Programming

MuseCon Friday Schedule

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MuseCon Saturday Schedule

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MuseCon Sunday Schedule

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Ongoing Programming Descriptions

The following items will be occurring at several different times throughout the entire convention, subject to instructor and materials availability. When you have some time, stop by our Workshop Room (Stanford) or the Gallery (Marlborough) and work on a project. Each room will have a signboard by the door indicating which activities are available at that time.

Note: Some of these programs require additional materials fees, while some are free. If you want to insure your place please register for those with that option. You can register online (click on the title), at the convention Registration desk, or check with the instructor during the convention.

Subject Description
Build a Blinkie

What's a Blinkie, you ask? Why those cool badges made of circuit boards and LEDs. Never built one before? Don't fear, the blinkie wizards of General Technics are ready to help you build a blinkie for free! Other blinkie kits are available, including new ones introduced especially for MuseCon; see the descriptions on the blinkie page

8x7 Blinky Matrix

Consider a moment the 5x7 Matrix. How can it be made better? Well, we like to think that's always a tough question given our designs, but how about a few more rows. You got it! A better message programming interface via USB? You got it. A better power system via both CR2032s an USB? We have a trifecta! And it comes with all the goodies - user selectable messages and patterns.
(expect approximately one hour for completion)

Christmas Tree Blinkie

A Christmas Tree in August? Of course! One must plan ahead... And if seems early, it can moonlight as a rearview mirror ornament until you decide it time bring the tree indoors. And like any well lit tree, there are multiple patterns to choose. A special thanks to MSkirvin for the artwork! (expect approximately one hour for completion)

Build a Catapult

2DKits fired up the power tools and created another wood kit project, a table-top catapult! We typically think of a catapult being used in the Middle Ages to destroy the walls of a castle, but catapults have a very long history dating long before the time of castles. Catapults were developed in many different ways by many different cultures over the centuries (Yawn). Ok, enough history, we know we all just want to build one to launch mini marshmallows and dominate in cubicle wars!

Japanese-style Doll Clothing

Start work on one or more pieces of doll-sized Japanese-style clothing. Doll clothing will be hand-sewn, using a simple running stitch, so younger kids may need some help from an adult. Cut out your doll garment, then take it with you to finish sewing as you attend other sessions! You can drop back in almost any time during the weekend for help if you get stuck.

You may find small scissors for snipping threads & pinking shears useful, but some will be available to borrow in-room as well.

If not purchasing a kit please bring two "fat quarters" of quilting or similar lightweight cotton, a needle, and thread.

Note: attendance at the "Easy Japanese Costuming" session is not required

Basic Basket Wire Wrap

Using silver wire, see how to turn any pond stone or even arrowheads into appealing jewelry. Each stone has its own way of being bound. The angles of the basket make it truely beautiful. All you need are wire, pond stones or arrowheads, and basic jewelry tools such as round nose pliers and wire cutters. (Demonstration; tools will be available to try technique on-site only).

Note:Friday only

Open Build Wood Carving

Learn to safely make the basic cuts and how to sharpen knives. Tools will be provided for on-site use, and various tools and material kits are available for purchase. I have worked with students anywhere from age 5 and up--Parental permission required for minors.

Working With EL Wire

From the world of Tron to neon art, electroluminescent wire can add a fun and futuristic look to many things. We’ll walk you through the steps involved in working with this glowing, bendy, but sometimes tricky material. Fee includes inverter and wire as well as connective supplies; loaner tools will be available. (expect approximately one hour for completion)

Stain Glass Workshop

Oooh - shiny and colorful! And, as a bonus, requires molten metal to build! You get a kit with the glass already cut for the pattern, copper foil, brass wire, and lead-free solder. A short class to get you going, and then as much (or as little) help as desired.

We have four different kits to choose from:

Turkish Braid

Learn how to add a Turkish Braid to your knitting. This embellishment usually used with circular knitting is simple, requires nothing more complicated than a purl stitch, and gives the appearance of an applied braid. Bring your own needles and yarn if you want to take a sample home, or use ours if you just want to try it.

String Blacelets

Sometimes referred to as "sailors bracelets" or "friendship bracelets", these are circular braids tied in cotton twine using a printed guide wrapped around a form. Open to all, but suggested for ages 8+. Plain string is free, fancy string may be provided to enhance the more successful results. Bonus projects for the dedicated enthusiasts.

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