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Security & Safety

We have some simple rules to help everyone at the convention have a good (and safe) time. Nothing spoils a good time faster than a preventable emergency! Please engage your common sense while at the convention.

  1. In the event of fire, medical emergency, or other critical situation, please call 911 first, and notify convention staff once you are free to do so (you are safe and your involvement is not needed). In the case of a medical emergency, notify us as soon as possible after calling 911, as we have personnel trained in first aid on site.
  2. Anything illegal outside the convention is illegal inside the convention.
  3. Convention membership does not exempt you from complying with hotel rules.
  4. Serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will result in immediate revocation of convention membership, and local law enforcement will be summoned.
  5. This is a family-friendly convention: keep your clothing, costumes, and public behavior within PG standards.
  6. Donít be a jerk: practice all the good-behavior skills we learned in grade school.
  7. No real or realistic firearms are permitted. Projectile launch, regardless of material or motive force, is prohibited.
  8. All others weapons must be peace-bonded and may not be drawn in public areas. If there is a question on the definition of "realistic," please contact Operations for a ruling. Use of any item as a weapon or in a threatening manner will be treated accordingly.
  9. If you are required to carry a firearm or other weapon by law or employment policy, please contact Operations at 312-945-6873 immediately upon registering to present your credentials.
  10. Play nice with others. This includes respecting personal space, both physical and emotional: "No" means No; if youíre asked to back off, do so. Donít touch without asking and receiving permission. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact Operations to report the incident(s).
  11. Respect othersí possessions. Ask before touching, and put it back where you found it.
  12. Please supervise (or provide supervision for) your children. Although MuseCon is family-friendly, classes and workshops may include the use of sharp or otherwise dangerous tools and materials, and some activities may not be appropriate for participation by all ages.
  13. Children are not miniature adults, and their behavior can surprise even their parents; please be understanding. Parents and caretakers, please be considerate of the effect of childrenís behavior on others.
  14. These policies are not intended to be an exhaustive list. Please use common sense and good manners!
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